Thursday, May 31, 2018

most classy fashion ever

my understanding in fashion is not how expensive brand of cloth you have wearing.

its how you handle the dress what you have by means of.....

1.color coordination of cloths

2. shoes and bag and make fits the place and occasion

4. accessories

what ever you wear, where ever you go, always see to it all what you wearing has a perfect much

no body ask how much you wearing because it looks very classy and expensive no matte where you 

buy and how much you get it

Thursday, August 27, 2015

just for fun mother and i moment

  watch the pa cutie tanders video during nicky's bday. crazyn yet fun precious moment with family

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

bonding at the roof top during Nicky's bday

crazy moment yet fun 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

bath salt for smoother and flawless skin

this bath salt works in my skin. a japan brand  with three different scents makes my day feeling good and beautiful
you must try this ladies its a magic to skin feel hydrate after every day bath

Monday, May 4, 2015

Rare!! Before Japan Tsunami, The fish escape from water.

fff even the sea creature knows the disaster will happen soon



power of inspiration

power of inspiration
Power of inspiration Initiatives, strength, confident, patient and praying are my weapons to keep me go on. I was born rarely poor. But I used the life of my parents and sister as my mirror. Their mistake is my turn to make it right. I’m really willing to work hard and learn with others mistake to have my success. I full down many times. But for every full, there's always rise up and it make me more stronger, dedicated and motivated then before. I send myself into high school education with my own. Its not easy task but I need to go for it. Every summer vacation I serve as a slave with a middle class family. They lock me inside their house while they are away home. I do all work like cleaning, washing cloths, cooking and taking care their baby. They pay me with a small amount for services I gave. Food is limited for plenty work they demand. Once. My lady master slashes my arm caused I failed to follow the exact cut of potatoes she instructed to me. And I still have the scars until now. And the pains still remain in my mind.

i was kill my playmate

i lay down under the table to disguise like a death. to scape my angry mom.

i remember, I'm not yet going to school by that time. I'm playing together with the child same age like mine.when i notice a cut of bamboo in the play ground.i pick it up and point it on to the forehead of my playmates which a little bit away from me.peeping her on the whole of bamboo.i don't know what craziness comes to my mind, i throw the bamboo to my playmate and i hit her exactly on her forehead.
the blood immediately comes out like a water in a faucet.every body begin to panic.

my mom who sleeping by that time,wake up and don"t know what to do.they don't mind me.all people around busy for the kid. they bring it to the hospital.

and while every body is away, i am thinking about what to do how to scape my angry mom when she come back. i know, I'm in big trouble.i lay under the table straightly and disguise like a death hoping this strategy will be effectively working.but I'm 100% wrong.Because when my mother arrived home, she get my father's belt and hit me all over my body.

i cried out loud, trying to call attention of any body to stop my mom by hitting me but there is none."maluoy ka sa puya mo,indi pagpatya!"
i think no body wants to help me by that time. until i feel the pain all over my body.i stop crying and shouting for help. i don't want to move.not even to open up my eyes. coz i feel very sleepy and tired. that's the last thing i remember.only wishing inside me for my mom get tired also. so she will stop hitting me.

when i wake up, I'm already laying on bed and my sister attend me for a glass of water. but still, the pain all over my body is there.i see the mark of belt on my arms, i suspect not only in my arms but a various belt's mark all over my body.its very painful, i can't even move to check it out.
what only on my mind is.... "i almost killed a playmate". and i almost give my life with the hand of my mom to pay it back.

MALUOY KA SA PUYA MO,INDI PAGPATYA.its a bisaya dialeque meaning....,please don't kill your daugther, forgive me instead.

Philippines's languages

Since I used a portion of my dialeque, i want to inform the world about the different languages available all over the Philippines. Every region has it. Aside from Tagalog our national languages, Philippines has not only many island,But many different languages too.

I was born in capiz,City of Iloilo. Our language there is iLonggo. While in antique, their language is karay-a.” Aklan where the famous Boracay belong, they have also Karay-a mix with Ilonggo.

Zamboanga has a very unique and Spanish sound language Chabacano.i heard it’s really an influence of Spain during word war. And the people in Zamboaga improve the used of this language with the combination of karay-a, tagalong and Spanish words in mix to have the language to call their very own. The Chabacano.

Catanduanes has karay-a and Bicol. they have also languages sound like Spanish.
While Tobacco, Ligaspe and canaries sur speaks pure bicol language.they don’t even understand tagalong there.
Samar,Layte,bohol.( famous in chocolate hills and tarsier)have boholnun.camarines norte used the pure bicolano languge.

In central Luzon, people there speak Ilocano. Abra, Zambales, ilocos norte La union ,ifugao province and Baguio. This provinces both used Ilocano but in different accent and way of pronunciation. If you can’t get the correct accent, no body can understand what you saying.

Pangasinan has their very own Panggalatoc and a light accent of Ilocano. They can speak also tagalong. And since they have the famous 100 island, people in pangasinan now slowly familiar in using entertain their guess.they have also the best and quality of milk fish.(bangus)

Tarlac used Kapangpangan,Iloncano and a bit of tagalong.

Take note that even same language is available in different provinces, pronunciation is always change its meaning. there is fast, slow,and loud accent makes the words change the meaning depend the spearker deliver sentences. and I know there’s more I Mindanao has also in every town.and lot more places i don't mention. if you planing to visit in the philipppines, this is one of those things you must consider to enjoy. to learn even a single word of the town you visit is a big things to add on your treasure box.for every town, there is a tourist spot,delicatessens,and a warm smile of people around. who willing to give the help. you need. People in the Philippines very familiar in English. Even kid. Just try to speak slowly and clearly if you are in provinces.while people working in stablishment is very much fluent in english.

my new environment

Because of the incident .my mother decide to take me back in the province where I was born. together with my two sisters. My father left in manila for his work.
We lived in the forest. In 60 acre land own by my grand parents.but having land is not means for a healthy wealth. not unless you digged soil and plant to support your needs.I used to play used all day long in the field with out play mates. I can run over the open field with fresh air, beautiful flower around me to pick freely, and run for the butterfly, play and swim in the river. This is the way I enjoy in the province.
While people there getting their income by working in the coconut, cocoa and lansones farm. As I grow up, I learn life in the province not easy. I witnessed my mom how hard she works for money to buy basic needs.

LANSONES- it's a kind of fruits looks and taste like a lyches. but the outer skin color is pale yellow.have 4 to 5 seeds coated with white but sweet and soft.seed is not eatable it taste can only eat the flesh coat into seed. but not seed it self.its taste very good.must variety of this fruit(lansones)found in laguna and batangas.

Balinghoy (cassava) for my lunch

At my first day in school, I need to walk from the top of the mountains way down to nearest town where the school is located, my skirt made by umbrella. My shirt is very old and has a lot of stain. No sleeper to protect my feet into mud and stone. No paper but I have a stick of coconut to used as my pencil. and banana leaves as my paper.

All what I feel is excitement. I don’t care for my looks. I’m more for what I’ll be learning during the first day of classes. Inside the class room my paper and pencil is destructing others attention. But I jus give a couple of smile trying to envy them for the very unique writing material I have.

My lunch is boil “balinghoy” prepared by my mom. And a glass of water from the school canteen is enough to ease my hunger. For a year round, it’s my daily activity.
Till I reach grade 2.
After this we move to Santiago Isable for my father's assignment.

Balinghoy tree

Balinghoy tree
BALINGHOY- cassava (in English) it’s a kind of root craft with red steam and 7 finger leaves. Grow about 2 meter in height and take about 3 months before can harvest. Cassava cake is the popular used of grow anywhere in the Philippines

my high school days

After Isabela, and other tagalong region where my father was assign, we end up at Quezon City. And finish my elementary grades there.
My high school life was full of sacrifice and patient. My money is not enough for my expenses. With the help of my friends and classmates, I over come everything
I joint the school activities like” on the spot writing contest”, clubs and basketball team
I also do the paper works and research of my classmates for some amount.

I don’t won’t to be slave anymore. I’m tired for being it. Instead, I used my talent. Once there is a singing contest for all year level. Volunteer to my teacher to choose me to represent our section with that event. And by the power of practice and eagerness to win the price. I got what I want. I win first place with the price of php150.00 enough for my to weeks allowance. And a benefit to be known all over the school campus.

For on the spot writing contest, I also break a record. A kind of contest comes by surprise. My teacher in creative writing subject very confident to choose me to present the school for this contest. Since this contest announce by surprise, the whole campus was panic to find me.because I was accidentally absent that day the reason is I have no money for my transfortation.and I no have plan to report in my class that day.
I lost the contest. My teachers really blame me. Because the one who replace me got only the 2nd place. If i'm able to be there. Maybe I got the first place with the award of Php500.00 during that time, this amount is big enough.
As a basketball player, I enjoy weekly allowance provided by school. We do the practice
At the ateneo ground, where I meet the handsome and beautiful student from prominent family in town.
We represent our school against other school in Quezon City. This life I find very exciting and fulfilling. Because meeting different people is one of those precious moments I used to call treasure.
I never give all responsibility with my parents. My mom work in a textile factory. And my fathers that time was hospitalized due of appendicitis and under go with the operation... They give me only Ph20. allowance for a week. This amount is not enough.

I was graduated in high school 1983 with the presence of my younger sister and my father. While the rest of my classmate do the celebaration, my father and I with my sis going straight home. We have no money to buy anything. Not even to celebrate. My friend invites me to joint the celebration but I choose to go home.

marks on my arm

marks on my arm
my master slashes my arms with kitchen knife because i failed to get the exact cut of potatoes she instructed

dynamic leader

In my religion, some body appoint me as an officer of the youth organization we called BINHI. I start as casual officer but it last as president of this said youth organization.

To produce fund, we sell ginataan merienda. I hate asking money from my member’s. I assign them to contribute ingredients instead of cash. we cook it and sell after. The neighbor gives their participation with the project by buying our product.
Our menu was completely finished and we collect enough amount. we adapt this project as regular source of fund. With the cooperation of my staff and members, we succeeded. We have now regular source of fund to spend for our activities with out asking even a single amount with our parents.

Our theme is.” Powerful youth, for successful tomorrow”. We make a lot of project for the youth busy in useful activities like Tree planting, Sports fest, street cleaning, mini library for all members, we have also emergency fund where the member can borrow money for their tuition fees. And pay it back installment basis.

The organization under my supervision became very active and recognized with the other group and organization. We receive a lot of plaque and awards like. Dynamic leadership award, best in attendance. And Useful project with responsible leadership, I earn praised with many parent and other people who watching and observing my moves. Because I drive their children into more in study, over come shyness and live with their own.

One of benefits of our organization is to encourage the youth to discover their strength, enjoy the friendship and the life outside home. To show up their talent and develop their confidence.

The organization is for 14 to 18 years old only. before I finish my term, I’m proud to myself because many of my members were graduated with honored. Other continues in college and other chooses to have work while studying. this is my contribution and legacy during my younger years.

GINATAAN merienda- it’s a kind of food with many different roof craft ingredients. It’s sweet and cooks with coconut milk and sugar.

ginataan for merienda

¼ kilo gabi
¼ cassava
¼ sweet potatoes
¼ bananas (Saba)
¼ ube
¼ cup jackfruit
1 liter coconut milk
Vanilla extract
Sugar to taste
• Peel bananas,cassava,ube,sweet potatoes and gabi. Cut into cubes (about ½”)
• Cook all ingredients together with coconut milk and sugar till tender.
• Add vanilla extract
• Add pure cup of coconut milk and sugar as you taste.
Can serve hot or cold. Enjoy eating!

on the job

After my graduation, I look for work because I know; I have no chance for my college education. I got my first work at the textile manufacturing company. need to double time to save even a small amount. I start selling petty things. Like candy. Biscuit. And sandwich secretly. Because management not allowed any body to sell this particular item inside the company premises in order to protect the interest of their canteen.

But canteen selling high price. While me, I go with a small profit. so my co worker benefit my items at the very low affordable price. so they protect me not to let the management know about my…, let us say illegal activity.
I still share my earnings with my parents. Because my father totally resigns by force from his work he’s not fit to work any more due of his operation. My mom also was finishing her contract from work. Here in Philippines, company has age limit for their worker.18 to 35 years old only they hired. After this age, better to think about business and forget the employment. While my sisters has their own life with their husband. So every thing now is in my hands. I need to work hard to overcome all things about. My contract will be end after six months.

I find my self tired for what I’m doing. Needs to escape from this stupid life and go with my own. I go out with friends. I though this is my time to enjoy life I missed for a long time. Go out for party, Disco, swimming in the pool and beaches. In short, I spend! And enjoy life to the foolish. I learn drunk and try also some marijuana. Joint the band and perform in bars with my colleaque.we go also to party if there is some hire our group to perform. Of course with equivalent amount. And I never inform my Parents about where I stay.

a lady guard on duty

I under go for a training. After my contract with the factory was ended. As per requirements before I can have my license as lady guard. This training similar like a shoulder does. There is first aid, self defense tactics, Fire arm familiarizations including shooting. And many other focus on securing about life and properties.
During the training, I used to be very vocal and free to voice out what I feel.

After the training, I got my first posting duty at the Robinson super market ermita. It’s hard to be at this work at first. But it easier as the days goes by.
This is my first time to sleep in a room of high en hotel due of nation wide transformation strike made by drivers and operator to protest the unreasonable increasing the price of fuel product. Every body support the strike causing into stranded of all passenger nationwide.
The management offer to all employees who affected with strike to use the hotel room for a night. First time I feel like a rich. Sleep in air-condition room, with clean and white sheet, with shower and carpeted flooring. For me it’s a life like a queen already.

After my 5 months working, management was terminate me from my work because I used my gun to point with the head of my co guard which a big no no with the rules of security guard.
I don’t care if I lost my job. He try to harass me I need to proof him that I can defend my self against anybody weather I violate the rules or not. Who else to protect?
My license was revoke. No body listen to my explanation. I don’t care!

my wedding day

My wedding day was very sad. No any celebration. No one of my relatives was there. Not even the relatives of my husband. I wear ordinary dress instead of white gown.
no even a glass of soft drink for my witness.Only the minister who perform the patrimony and other witness is there to wit.every body against the wedding.i need to go for it. or else, i will lost my religion. living with man without getting marriage first is prohibited in my religion.
No even picture for remembrance purposes.

To have a wonderful wedding is my prostration. If I have a chance to get married again, I want it fabulous and elegant. With expensive wedding gown at all.jaguard for my bridal car, Ceremony will be held at temple central of iglesia Ni cristo. The reception at the five star hotel. trip around the world for my honey moon. Wow! What dream!!! Who knows, God will give this to me as reward. Nothing impossible with God. He’s the only one to provider and creator of everything.

my eldest

my eldest
After the wedding, I find my husband very attentive. He starts looking for job. And the company assign him in the province which far from me. It’s not easy for my situation as pregnant. Need my husband beside me during this time but I have no choice. My husband come home only every payday His day off and it comes only once a week. I’m just stay at home while waiting for the coming of my first born. I’m so excited for it. I find my self very strict with my younger sister. I don’t want her to away from me. But if she near. I quarrel and hurt her. I hate to see her face. But if she not around, I look for her and missing her so much’s found my self crazy about my pregnancy. When I deliver my first born. It’s a boy but it’s my youngest sister look alike not mind My sis very happy for this. She acts like a mother to my son. By buying cloths, milk, bringing in the pedia. She's very much proud of my son us her look alike. claiming my son as her own. I can’t able to cooperate with the presidential snap election because I am newly delivered with my eldest. President Marcos force to call a snap election due of Aquino and galman assassination way back 1986. They accused President Marcos as the master mind of killing causing into massive protest and strikes movement against the strongest president in Asia who hold the presidency for twenty years. Ferdinand Marcos & his vice Arthuro Tolentino versus Cory Aquino and Doy Laurel tandem.Marcos Tolentino won. but Aquino/Tolentino won't accept their loose.they bring protest to Edsa. and call it Edsa revolution.priest and nun comes out from their cave and support the rally.soldiers and generals also there to protect the civilians. Marcos was sick during those time. they bring him to Hawaii for the chance to his destructor to take over the presidency and don't allow marcos to back home tell the day he die. President Marcos is one and only president I know since my birth. He wins his position as of 1964. While I was born 1965.i know him as very strict and kind. Have a lot of projects for the benefits of the Pilipino citizen who want to live quietly and generously. His contribution into the nation was bringing the Philippines into one of those improving and growing country in Asia. He do a lot of projects for the people of the republic like roads, agriculture, education and many more. While Borden to those people who want to take over his place. His destructor always does something to distract his leadership.looking for the chance to take over. Death of ninoy is just issue against Marcoses. But the truth is, other politician want to take over the presidency. This is my own opinion.
my son now in college education taking up computer engineering,his very smart and talented. i prepare a computer shop for him as a gift rigth after his graduation

My only girl

My only girl
While people busy preparing something to bring in celebration of all souls day, I’m suffering with heavy stomach ache because I’m, about to give birth my only daughter. All lying in clinic was closed that time because of holiday season. Me and my husband visit about 3 lying in clinic but its all close for holiday. We end at taguig clinic and stay in front of their door while waiting them to open. I deliver a baby girl about 12 high noon of November 2, 1987 while celebrating all souls day. At long last I have my baby girl. as the days goes by, she's infected with her two brothers and now my only girl looks like her brother too.

my youngest little boy

my youngest little boy
march 31. 2010 Among the three children, many say my youngest one is my perfect look alike at all. I give birth him inside a public utility vehicle in our way to hospital. I feel stomach ace very much by that time, my mom suspected that I’m going to give birth that’s why my husband and I rush to hospital. But my little boy cannot wait to be there. In the middle of our trip, he comes out. I just lay over the seat inside the vehicle, I try to control his coming but I can’t he comes out very fast. I give him name Nicky James. My tough and handsome little baby boy

Mold me into stronger, better one

Mold me into stronger, better one
My 12 years employment teaches me to be better person. Learned to be pleasing, patient, industrious, experimental and strategic enterprenuership. Every payday I save some amount. Till I invest into a buy and sale business. My client is my co worker. We are about 300 in company and I only reach fifty percent of them. I live very comfortable And my salary saves in bank .after 1 year. I purchased house from it. So my children and I live happy together. (stuff toys is our product

September 1999 the year of truth

September 1999 the year of truth
My workaholic attitude brings me away from my husband. I8 hours at work continuously is my husband chance to build an appear with other woman, I almost have no time for him and for my children, no even time to hear what my neighbor wants to tell me about what my husband doing while I’m in my worked. I only discover his dishonesty when I notice some of my things at home is missing. As I check, he already has 3 children with his woman. And he was bringing some of my things inside the house to his mistress. I discover also he is taking drugs for long time and about addicted with. And he stole and sale most of my things if I’m not in the house. As I discover things, I decide to stay away from him. Bring my children to my parents and I focus into work. I kept on praying to god about my situation. After 3 months my husband died in the hands of his mistress’s boyfriend. With 20 gun shoot all over his body.

The way I recover from pain.

The way I recover from pain.
After 11 consecutive years working at Well World Toys, I discover my husband having appeared with other woman, I heard rumor about it, but I ignore because I trust my husband as I expect we still understand each other. But I’ve got wrong; he already has 3 children when I notice my things at home begin to lose. Like my cloths, my kitchen ware. And my foods stock in my refrigerator. He stole all of those for his mistress. Almost one week I cry all the time. I can’t help myself to eat; I can’t even sleep although I’m sleepy so much. I file one week leave from my work. Stay on my room for I don’t want to move and do anything but to cry. I found my self very messy and lost weight about fifty percent. I almost out of my self. This is the most terrible problem I encounter in my whole life. A lot of advice given by my friend. But still, there is a space inside me no one can fill out. Until one day I found myself preparing for a church worship. I seat in the first row and from there I cry all out to the Lord. And submit myself with him. leave everything to him. From there I feel deeply from my soul. God is there with. He touch my life and ease all my pains, Lord made me brand new with full of strength, I’ve suffered from When I come out from the church, I feel very hungry. It’s my first time with this after a couple of days ignoring foods. I enjoy food as I want. And when I’m home. I take a bath wear my favorite perfume and sleep. I wake up early morning at the following day and report for my work. its God made me again. “Quote” Only God can heal our pain perfectly”